Dark Fiber

Creating custom dedicated Dark Fiber networks is one of the ways Vision bring you the best communications network at industry-competitive prices. With round the clock technical support, we ensure that our dark fiber remain lit with your traffic.

Benefits of using our Dark Fiber

  • Virtually unlimited bandwidth potential at a fixed cost. Organizations with substantial traffic and infrastructure needs are finding it more and more cost-effective to own their own networks.
  • Increased network uptime and the ability to select the best-of-breed equipment to support your communications requirements.
  • Have the security of a fully dedicated network infrastructure while retaining full control of your network and gaining the peace of mind that comes with a fixed cost network.

Why Choose Us?

  • Services available for all types of TDM/IP traffic.
  • Vision Telecom’s colocation available for extension of last mile at dry areas.
  • Low cost backup solution of fiber based primary links.
  • Available in multiple bandwidths.
  • 24x7x365 dedicated technical support.
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