International Private Leased Circuit (IPLC)

Vision Telecom IPLC is supported by our technically advanced core National network and peering relationships with Tier-1 Sub-Sea Fiber Cable service providers across the globe. It enables an organization to communicate with its POPs, offices, partners and customers who are geographically dispersed throughout the world with  maximum security and minimum delays.

Benefits of using our IPLC service

Why Choose Us?

Vision Telecom can provide International Connectivity over the following Cable Systems:

  • SMW-3. – SMW-4.
  • SMW-5 – IMWE.
  • AAE-1. – TW-1.
  • TATA Cable Systems—TGN Atlantic, TGN Eurasia, TGN IA etc.
  • Airtel cable systems—EIG etc.
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