IP – MPLS Connectivity

As business are expanding and approaching new horizons, telecommunication networks are gaining critical importance to their growth. To overcome this critical need of growing and existing businesses, Vision Telecom offers a flexible and reliable IP-MPLS solution through high quality optical fiber network deployed as per international standards.

Benefits of using our IP - MPLS Connectivity

  • Networks support multiple protocols as per customer requirement.
  • Provisioning of L2 and L3 connectivity.
  • Support of different Class of Services depending on your applications requirement.
  • Supports all network topologies.
  • Enhanced security features to separately identify addresses and traffic.
  • Enhanced security features to separately identify addresses and traffic.​
  • Guaranteed services availability through Service Level Agreement.
  • 24x7x365 dedicated technical support.
  • On demand bandwidth increment.

Why Choose Us?

  • Services available for all types of TDM/IP traffic.
  • Vision Telecom’s colocation available for extension of last mile at dry areas.
  • Low cost backup solution of fiber based primary links.
  • Available in multiple bandwidths.
  • 24x7x365 dedicated technical support.
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